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Absolute Sales Development, Inc. | Palmetto Bay, FL

Business Development Boot Camp

Learn how to make a difference in your sales for long-term success.



 You'll find this advanced training enlightening, energizing and above all, profitable.

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Sales professionals committed to improving their performance will learn how to:

  • Create mutual respect between yourself and the prospect.
  • Qualify "suspects" for your time and efforts to shorten your selling cycle.
  • Ask effective questions that help the prospect discover the right solution and close the sale.
  • Ask effective questions that help close the sale.
  • Quickly identify the decision-makers.
  • Uncover the true reasons people buy.
  • Effortlessly prospect for new business.
  • Shorten your selling cycle.
  • Keep control of the sales process.
  • Effectively handle stalls and objections.
  • Stop giving away your profits by selling on price.
Business Development and Sales Training Boot Camp

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Outperform your sales goals.

Join us for this 5 session boot camp designed to provide an understanding of the attitudes, techniques, and behaviors needed to elevate your sales performance.

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