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Absolute Sales Development, Inc. | Miami, FL


VP Sales at Absolute Sales Development, Inc.

Sofia is a highly accomplished and driven sales professional, who has the unrivalled ability to identify and understand customer pain points.

Sofia helps clients develop, build and maintain the strong, consultative client relationships that are so critical to their success. Sofia has a dynamic and enthusiastic personality that naturally draws people towards her and her way of thinking and working.

Get to know Sofia

Sofia is a sales professional with a degree in Mass Communications and Anthropology, enthusiastic about having a Socratic approach to life, Sofia lives and breathes the quote, “all I know is that I know nothing.” -Socrates.

After experiencing the complete salesperson paradigm shift herself as a Sandler client, she joined the Miami team feeling a responsibility to preach to the people how to work smarter not harder. Sofia is bilingual in English and Spanish. 

Sofia's favorite Sandler rule: Rule #12, "Answer every question with a question."


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