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Absolute Sales Development, Inc. | Miami, FL

SalesMastery Virtual Training Program

1st Monday of each Month @ 10 AM ET | Hosted by Gregg Kessler

Many of the roadblocks that prevent salespeople from closing more business and closing it at the margins they want are usually manifestations of problems that started much earlier in the business development process. In this course, you will learn about the Sandler Selling System and the psychological and communication theories on which it is based. You will learn why people buy, and how you can sell more and sell more easily.

Session Topics

1. The Core Elements of Success

2. Secrets of the Buyer-Seller Relationship

3. The Sandler Selling System

4. Build and Sustain the Relationship 1

5. Build and Sustain the Relationship 2

6. Special Guests and Hot Topics

7. The Power of DISC

8. Establishing Ground Rules 1

9. Establishing Ground Rules 2

10. Qualifying the Opportunity – Pain 1

11. Qualifying the Opportunity – Pain 2

12. Special Guests and Hot Topics

13. Questioning Strategies

14. Qualifying the Opportunity – Budget

15. Qualifying the Opportunity – Decision

16. Close the Sale – Fulfillment

17. Close the Sale – Post-Sell

18. Special Guests and Hot Topics

19. Negative Reverse Selling

20. Identity/Role Theory (I/R)

21. Prospect More Easily 1

22. Prospect More Easily 2

23. Developing Your Formula for Success

24. Special Guests and Hot Topics

Prospecting Free Talk


Sandler Training can provide professional training to your employees around the corner or around the world with our new live streaming webcasts. Virtual training leads to better results and less time out of the field for your sales team. 

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