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Absolute Sales Development, Inc. | Miami, FL

Sandler Enterprise Selling Virtual Training Program

3rd Monday of each month @ 10 AM ET | Hosted by Brian Sullivan

When compared to selling to small and medium-sized companies, enterprise accounts present vastly different scenarios. Extended sales cycles, wide buyer networks and compli- cated decision structures are just a few of the unique challenges faced by sales teams in dealing with large, complex organizations. With our Sandler Enterprise Selling program, we’ve taken everything that’s made our training so effective and elevated it to address the needs of teams selling to enterprise accounts. In this course, you’ll learn this highly strategic system that will help you win business with profitable enterprise clients, serve them effectively and expand the relationships over time.

Session Topics

1. Introduction to Sandler Enterprise Selling

2. Territory and Account Planning 1

3. Territory and Account Planning 2

4. Territory and Account Planning 3

5. Opportunity Identification 1

6. Opportunity Identification 2

7. Opportunity Identification 3

8. Opportunity Identification 4

9. Qualification 1

10. New SES Tool

11. Qualification 2

12. Qualiification 3

13. Qualification 4

14. Solution Development 1

15. Solution Development 2

16. New SES Tool

17. Proposing and Advancement 1

18. Proposing and Advancement 2

19. Service Delivery 1

20. Service Delivery 2

21. Service Delivery 3

22. New SES Tool

23. Service Delivery 4

24. Service Delivery 5

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Sandler Training can provide professional training to your employees around the corner or around the world with our new live streaming webcasts. Virtual training leads to better results and less time out of the field for your sales team.

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