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Webinar: Building High-Performing Sales Teams in Finance - Skills, Tools, and Trends

Master Financial Sales Skills, Tools, Trends, and Team Dynamics

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Connect with buyers and uncover their full set of needs

The world of financial services brings with it challenges that are different than those experienced by people selling other products and services. Financial sales begins with qualified appointments and productive conversations, gaining insights into your sales prospects and their goals, and planning a strategy with accurate data.

Financial Sales Webinar

In this webinar, learn:

  • Skill Development for Financial Sales Success

    Discover proven methods to identify, nurture, and enhance your sales team's strategic abilities with real-world tactics illustrating the tangible impact of skill development on sales performance.

  • Cutting-Edge Tools for Financial Sales Professionals

    Explore innovative systems that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and boost sales team productivity. Learn how to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge tools into your sales infrastructure that can transform financial sales.

  • Navigating Trends and Digital Transformation

    Understand the impact of market dynamics, customer expectations, and digital transformation on financial sales strategies. Explore adaptive approaches to align your sales team with evolving trends for sustained success.

  • Effective Team Building and Management Strategies

    Uncover key elements for building a cohesive, high-performing sales team in finance. Gain insights into fostering collaboration, communication, and cultivating a positive team culture. Learn actionable strategies from successful team-building experiences to implement within your organization.

  • Adapting Sales to Regulatory Changes

    Gain practical insights into adapting sales strategies to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and how those adjustments impact client relationships.


February 13, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET


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Presented By

Carlos Garrido

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