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Webinar: Eight Frequently Made Trade Show Mistakes that Hurt ROI

Welcome to Booth Camp! Increase sales appointments from trade shows.

Tweak your trade show approach to maximize your time and boost your return on investment.

Trade shows or conferences cost a fortune when you factor in travel, marketing materials, the time invested, and the cost of your sponsorship.

We make these investments to put our sales teams face-to-face with prospects. Are you making the most of the experience?

This webinar is designed specifically for Presidents, CEOs, Business Owners, CRO/CSOs, and Sales VPs who identify with one or all of these things:

  • I feel good about the number of conversations at the show, but I'm disappointed with the number of sales appointments.
  • My team books meetings with attendees but often gets frustrated when appointments fall off the calendar.
  • My team seems busy with meetings from the show, but I would like to see improvement in the quality of those appointments.
  • I'm worried we're not making the most of our time at the event.

Many of our clients do trade shows as a form of prospecting. We help them plan shows, formulate scripts, and meticulously strategize the precious few days following the event.

 Join us for Booth Camp! Get critical insights that will improve your trade shows in 2023.

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February 16, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CT


Free with advance registration


Presented By

Eric Dunn & Josh Shirley


Enrollment is Now Available!

President, CEOs, Business Owners, and VP of Sales: Submit the form below to reserve your space.

Photo courtesy of Scott Beale / Laughing Squid