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Absolute Sales Development, Inc. | Palmetto Bay, FL

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Aim high, reach higher with Sandler Miami

We coach, train and mentor sales professionals, sales managers, and C-suite executives from small to large organizations - developing significant and lasting improvements in sales systems, business development, and management performance.

Who are we?

Founded by British brothers – Antonio, and Carlos Garrido - we are taking the Magic City by storm. By integrating the Sandler sales system with our highly effective training and unique consultative approach, we are challenging the traditional ways of selling and helping sales professionals change their habits and reach their stretch-goals.

Award-winning training company.

Sandler Training is one of the leading sales training and leadership development companies in the world.

2022 Training Industry

Sandler solutions

Solve sales challenges.

While other sales training shows you how to play the game better, Sandler teaches you how to break the rules, change the game, and avoid common sales problems altogether.

Get support to lead.

Sandler’s leadership development programs are designed to help you break through plateaus, remove bottlenecks, and take your career or organization to the next level.

Invest in growth.

Our training empowers driven professionals to change behaviors, develop new attitudes, and improve techniques, leading to consistent success for the rest of your career.

Sandler Strategic Questions

Questions for all sales situations.

We’ve created a list of 125 sales questions to help you succeed through every step of your sales process – each carefully developed to get subtle answers from your prospects that will help you find pain and their ultimate reasons to do business with you. We reveal 5 of these questions every day for 25 days.



Develop your teams in real-time sales calls

In this book, our CEO and founder, Antonio Garrido discusses how to avoid the most common mistakes and deliver the greatest possible value by sitting in on sales calls.

Management Training and Development Book by CEO Antonio Garrido
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We strive to be the best at what we do and help you to do the same. Learn more about who we are; meet our team, take a tour of our Training Center, and find out why we're the industry leader in sales training.


Sandler Books

Sandler Bookstore

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.

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