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Absolute Sales Development, Inc. | Miami, FL

Sandler's Virtual Training Program

New live streaming webcasts by Sandler Training

How to sign up...

  • Choose your Virtual Training Program below - there's something for everyone.

  • Sign up to the Virtual Training Program via the links below. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Your registration information to arrive by email. You'll be signed up and live streaming in no time.

Choose from four virtual training programs

  • Sales Mastery

    1st Monday of every month

    Learn why people buy, and how you can sell more— and sell more easily.


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  • Strategic Management Solutions

    2nd Monday of every month

    Learn how to build and lead a top-performing team—starting with recruiting the right people through maximizing performance.

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  • Sandler Enterprise Selling

    3rd Monday of every month

    Learn how to overcome the unique challenges of winning, growing, and keeping major accounts.

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  • The Coach's Playbook

    4th Monday of every month

    Learn how to identify and unlock the performance code of each indivdual on your team, and maximize their performance.

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